What we do.....

I create bespoke jewellery, using your own horses tail hair. I produce high quality horse hair jewellery for any occasion or event. These bespoke pieces make ideal momentos of old friends, lost, but not forgotten or make a unique and unusual gift, which lets you keep a part of your best friend with you, regardless of where you are. 

> Pendents        - £15.00

> Bracelets        - £18.00

> Bookmarks     - £10.00

> Key Rings      - £15.00

> Earrings        - £15.00


If you have any special requirements please get in touch I am always happy to discuss them with you.  

There are 3 different types of braid available, There is 4 strand round rope braid.


There is a 6 strand half round braid


There is an 8 strand box braid.



Please specify which braid you would like when completing your order form.  Please note all clasps and fastenings are all silver plated. I use a variety of silver plated pandora style beads and crystal and pearl beads as decoration. This means no two pieces are ever quite the same. Stirling silver is available on request however does carry a supplementary cost, please get in touch for more details.